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Welcome to DKPSystem.com

Welcome to DKPSystem.com
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Thank you for choosing DKPSystem.com for your guild hosting.

We're dedicated to making sure your guild website looks as good as possible with as minimal reasonable effort as possible. If we've done our job well, you won't need need to spend a lot of time on your site, but you'll definitely want to spend a lot of time in your site

If you have any questions at all about billing, setup, graphics, or anything at all regarding DKPSystem.com and our services, please don't hesitate to contact by any of the following means:

Forums: http://www.dkpsystem.com/forum.php
Phone: (+1) 414.940.4966
Our Contact Us form: http://www.dkpsystem.com/contactus.php

One last thank you,

DKPSystem.com Staff

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